Acoustic Solutions

ARCHISONIC® offers most versatile acoustic building material used by the architecture-, interior design and furniture industry. This raw material makes the difference for countless acoustic applications for ceiling elements, wall cladding, acoustic partition, and furniture.

We specialize in turning single-use plastics into high performance acoustic absorbers that can be customized to meet any design requirement. The natural wool felt look and feel of makes our product the architect’s darling for any project.

The outstanding acoustic performance of ARCHISONIC® is driven by the open surface structure. The sound penetrates the absorber, its density, thickness and most importantly the air gap between the absorber and the hard surface (wall or ceiling). Materials installed with an air gap perform generally better. To address different acoustic needs, ARCHISONIC® is offered in two thicknesses. The 12mm material is mostly used for full wall applications and the high-performing 24mm for ceiling- and workplace-partition elements.

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Benefits of Adding Acoustic Solutions to Your Space

  • Reduce echoes, background noise and reverberations
  • Improve sound quality for clear understanding
  • Increase wellbeing and peacefulness of your room
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